Benefits of an Endowment Contribution

When it comes to supporting people in need, Caritas has been a reputable and professional partner for many decades. We provide a wide range of options for people interested in philanthropy, from pure counselling to tailor-made individual endowment contributions.

Thanks to a strong network and decades of experience, we are able to offer involvement in various programs for people in need at home and abroad.

Establish your tailor-made personal endowment fund. Experience the comforting feeling of being a donor and get personally involved in a topic close to your heart. Visit the project that you have facilitated on site and enjoy seeing the positive long-term impact of your assets. You will receive your personal reports, with your own logo if you wish. This allows you to follow closely the benefits of your commitment over the years.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Notarised Contract
    Written specification of all your points requested (e.g. project, investment guidelines, duration, etc.)

  • Guaranteed Anonymity
    Duty of confidentiality applies to all governing bodies of the foundation

  • Recognition and Appreciation

    • Personal exchange

    • Tailor-made reporting

  • Fiscal Optimisation
    Austrian Income Tax Act (EStG § 4a and § 4b) allows double deduction

  • Self-Fulfilment 

    • Choose a name

    • Events

  • Active Participation and Ownership
    Voluntary work in supported institutions (e.g. Lerncafé-project, hospice, etc.)