Caritas Foundation Austria

I am convinced: We have the courage, the chance, the creativity and the power to shape the present and the future in a positive way. It is up to us, and each and every one of us, but also up to us together: We can change things for the better if we want to.

Michael Landau,
President of Caritas Austria

Caritas Foundation Austria

The non-profit Caritas Foundation Austria delivers ongoing support for people in need. As an endowment contributor, you can have your assets generate a social return and thus contribute to sustainable aid programmes and social projects.

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Your benefits

Long-term support for people in need provided by the non-profit Caritas Foundation Austria

Tailored solutions for your endowment contribution

The Caritas Foundation Austria provides a variety of options for people who want to get involved in philanthropy. We offer the most suitable solution for every supporter, from classic donations to tailor-made personal endowment contributions. Alongside cash contributions, real estate such as condominiums or apartment buildings represent an attractive alternative for delivering sustainable help.

Endowment Contribution and donation in comparison

What is a donation?
  • Quick impact
  • No contract necessary
  • Timely utilisation of donation
  • Deductible according to Austrian Income Tax Act (EStG §4a)
  • No minimum amount
What is an Endowment Contribution?
  • Long-term impact
  • Individual contract
  • Investment of the contributed funds
  • Deductible according to Austrian Income Tax Act (EStG §4b)
  • Minimum of EUR 100,000