Möglichkeiten der Zustiftung

Get Involved

The Caritas Foundation Austria provides a variety of options for people who want to get involved in philanthropy. We offer the most suitable solution for every supporter, from classic donations to tailor-made personal endowment contributions. Alongside cash contributions, real estate such as condominiums or apartment buildings represent an attractive alternative for delivering sustainable help. As a supporter, you decide whether your funds are managed by your own private bank, an asset manager, or the Caritas Foundation Austria. There are many ways to get involved:

  • Endowment fund: Set up your personal endowment fund under the umbrella of the Caritas Foundation Austria. Select your own project you would like to support; get involved, tell your friends about your commitment.
  • Returns from asset or real estate management: Your assets remain untouched and their income supports a programme of your choice.
  • Testamentary contributions: Decide for yourself on the impact of your assets beyond your lifetime.
  • Donation: The traditional and fastest way to help.

An involvement in the Caritas Foundation Austria is considered meaningful starting from a contribution of EUR 100,000. This minimum amount can guarantee long-term support. Thereby, we can ensure sustainable aid programmes and offer you the opportunity to have a personal say.

The fact that Caritas Foundation Austria already has a large number of supporters shows how great the desire is to help in a sustainable way. And it encourages us to keep our finger on the pulse with the foundation's efforts to help even more people in need.

Cornelius Türk,
Managing Director of Caritas Foundation