Get Involved

The Caritas Foundation Austria provides a variety of options for people who want to get involved in philanthropy. We offer the most suitable solution for every supporter, from classic donations to tailor-made personal endowment contributions. Alongside cash contributions, real estate such as condominiums or apartment buildings represent an attractive alternative for delivering sustainable help. As a supporter, you decide whether your funds are managed by your own private bank, an asset manager, or the Caritas Foundation Austria. There are many ways to get involved:

  • Endowment fund: Set up your personal endowment fund under the umbrella of the Caritas Foundation Austria. Select your own project you would like to support; get involved, tell your friends about your commitment.
  • Returns from asset or real estate management: Your assets remain untouched and their income supports a programme of your choice.
  • Testamentary contributions: Decide for yourself on the impact of your assets beyond your lifetime.
  • Donation: The traditional and fastest way to help.

An involvement in the Caritas Foundation Austria is considered meaningful starting from a contribution of EUR 100,000. This minimum amount can guarantee long-term support. Thereby, we can ensure sustainable aid programmes and offer you the opportunity to have a personal say.