Hospice, Dementia and Inclusion

The dignity of every human being is a central concern of Caritas, in particular when help is needed, and when affected people find themselves in situations that they are reluctant to talk about: dependence on others, dementia, exclusion due to physical or mental impairment. Yet, anyone can suffer a similar fate, as nobody is safe from illness, even in the 21st century.

As an endowment contributor, you can facilitate practical help for these people and enable them to lead a life within society in spite of their illness or handicaps. No matter if it is in their own four walls, in the Austria-wide nursing homes of Caritas, or by helping them to build a self-determined future.

As an endowment contributor, you are free to select a project to be implemented:


Old-age residences and nursing homes – Living with individual and personal care

  • Needs-oriented 24-hour care in 47 old-age residences and nursing homes
  • New types of living arrangements (flat-sharing and house-sharing communities)
  • Pastoral care

Care at home - Support within your own four walls

  • Home care and home nursing services
  • Support for people in need of temporary care
  • Elderly care and homecare (housekeeping support services and promoting physical well-being)

Hospice - Comprehensive and competent care in the last phase of life

  • Mobile hospice
  • Day hospice and hospice care at home
  • Grief counselling for persons of all ages

Dementia - Living with memory loss

  • Dementia counselling
  • Psychosocial counselling sessions (including home visits)
  • Short-term and respite care (“vacation beds”)
  • Mobile and inpatient care for dependent persons with dementia

Inclusion - Services for people with disabilities

  • Housing and employment projects
  • Inclusive schools and educational support
  • Apprenticeships and pre-vocational training
  • Individual therapeutic measures (including physiotherapy and occupational therapy, music and movement education

Support for family caregivers - Family members are also in need of "care"

  • Psychosocial services, counselling for family caregivers and consultations to reduce workload
  • Courses for caregivers (e.g. dealing with dementia, self-care)
  • Rest days for family members
  • Support groups for family members

Encouraging people to pass away at home - Allowing for a long and good life until the last moment at home