Ongoing conflicts around the world force thousands of women, men and children to flee from war and persecution in their home countries and seek protection in Austria. The challenge for the society now is to give these people a good start in their new lives in order to ensure a peaceful coexistence.

As an endowment contributor, you have the opportunity to set the course for a successful future and to support these people in their efforts to integrate into a new society and its value system. At the same time, your involvement fulfils an essential bridging function between the newcomers and the host society.

As an endowment contributor, you are free to select a specific project to be implemented:


Livelihood security

  • Legal advice for asylum seekers and beneficiaries of protection in cases of shortcomings in the system


  • Fund for tenancy deposits
  • Assistance in finding housing and housing advice
  • Advice for lessors 
  • Local housing offers
  • Assistance with moving in, integration into the new home and everyday life

Living together

  • Awareness raising activities for local communities and immigrants
  • Orientation services
  • Supporting civil society initiatives, networking
  • Support for volunteers (training, supervision)

Language and education

  • Lerncafés (learning spaces)
  • Language courses and educational programmes including childcare
  • Educational guidance for young adults
  • Basic education for persons over compulsory school age
  • Transitional education for young adults / Enabling them to complete compulsory schooling


  • Cooperation with the business community
  • Pre-qualification courses
  • Support with starting work


  • Psychotherapeutic services
  • Workshops


  • Funds to finance cross-organizational processes
  • Developing initiatives and activities at the interface between business and integration
  • New forms of cooperation

Individual support

  • Travel expenses
  • Interpretation costs
  • Individual support for educational purposes, e.g. financing driving licence

Investing in people's future

In the ProLehre (pro apprenticeship) project, Caritas is partnering with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) and the Public Employment Service (AMS) to support young asylum seekers in starting an apprenticeship. Since this form of vocational training is not well known in many provinces and therefore rarely considered, young refugees should be informed about the Austrian education system and the advantages of an apprenticeship already during the asylum procedure.

Thanks to an endowment contribution of EUR 100,000, 1,300 young refugees can be informed at an early stage and thus improve their chances on the labour market.